Fence Netting-solutions



                  Fence Netting-solutions to protect your animals

                  Types of electric fence netting

                  According to the needs of different animal types, we provide poultry nets (chicken nets, rabbit nets), sheep nets, and wildlife nets (deer nets, horse nets).

                  What is electric netting?

                  Electric Net is composed of electrified horizontal strands and non-electrified vertical strands. The bottom strand on the net is not electrified to prevent grounding. Netting comes complete with posts, corner ties and stakes to secure the net to the ground. Junction clips at ends of net are designed to attach charger and join one to another. Use only Low Impedance Fence Charger.

                  How does electric netting works?

                  The visual combination of a close mesh of vertical and horizontal wires encourages animals to touch it with their sensitive nose, ears or beak. But all horizontal strands (an exception is the strand on the ground) in most netting connects to a powerful fence energizer that sends a shock down the wires every second. Result? Animals conclude the fence itself is painful—and then avoid it.

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