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                  Farming Fence Digital Fault Finder,15kv


                  Farming Fence Digital Fault Finder,15kv

                  This digital fault finder can be used at night with backlight.

                  A short in your electric fence occurs when the power escapes to the ground. This can be caused by a broken underground cable broken wire or insulator a loose connection or something touching the fence such excessive vegetation. Precise monitoring of the fence voltage extra-large display! Means you are always sure that your electric fence is providing complete protection.

                  At a glance 

                  1.Test the energizer

                  The output voltage of an electric fence energizer should be at least 5000V. If the voltage is below 5000V then the energizer may have a problem. If the voltage is above 5000V then the trouble lies with your fence or ground system.

                      1.Turn off energizer

                      2.Disconnect ground and fence leads from the energizer

                      3.Turn on energizer

                      4.Touch ground probe to energizer's ground terminal

                      5.Touch the tester's metal tip to energizer's fence terminal

                      6.Digital display shows voltage in kilovolts (e.g. 5.0 = 5000V)

                  2.Test the fence

                  Check the voltage to ensure the fence is properly electrified before introducing animals. Confirm voltage is at least 3000V at the end of the fence line.

                      1.Insert corded probe into the soil

                      2.Touch the tester's metal tip to an energized fence strand

                      3.Digital display shows voltage in kilovolts (e.g.3.0 = 3000V)

                      4.Pull meter away from fence then remove the probe from the soil (when pulling use the probe handle not the cord to prevent damage to the wire).


                    ·  Fence fault finder with digital display

                    ·  Very large number display easy to read

                    ·  Displays the voltage between 200 and 15000 volts range

                    ·  Very precise voltage measurement

                    ·  Work with replaceable 9V battery

                    ·  LCD digtial screen: 24 x 20 mm

                    ·  Displays current, voltage and current direction simultaneously

                    ·  Quickly and easily locates faults along the fence line


                     ·  1 x Lydite? Farming Fence Digital Fault Finder 15kv

                     ·  1 x Leather pouch

                     ·  Without battery

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