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                  Farming 0.5J 20 miles Solar Fence Energizer


                  Solar powered energizer with 5W solar panel

                  An output voltage of 10000 volts and 0.5 joules of shock power means this energizer is suitable for short fences up to 20 miles in length without any vegetation. 

                  The LFR050 solar fence energizer is a easy to handle energizer with solar panel combined with a 12 V lead-acid battery. If the sun doesn't shine for long enough to charge the battery a battery charging cable is included with the delivery. The energizer can be charged from a mains outlet. 

                  Note: The energizer must not be connected to the fence whilst charging.

                  This energizer is suitable for permanent outdoor use; no rain protection is required! The extremely compact construction (37 x 21 x 29 mm) and ease of handling means it is easy to move around. It is suitable for keeping horse goats sheep pigs cattle highland cattle deer wolves foxes and wild boars.

                   ·  Fence up to 20 miles without vegetation

                   ·  Mobile use

                   ·  Can be used for varieties of animals  Horses, ponies, cattle, deer, sheep, goats, pigs, poultry

                   ·  Flame-retardant ABS

                   ·  Anti-UV

                  Special features:

                   ·  Integrated 5W solar panel

                   ·  Carrying handle for mobile use

                   ·  Indicator LED for energizer status

                   ·  Adapted 12V 8Ah Lead-acid battery

                   ·  Includes battery charger

                  Fully charged battery can power the energizer for approx.3 weeks without sunlight

                  Waterproof On/Off switch

                  Farming 0.5J 20 miles Solar Fence Energizer

                     ·  1 x Battery charger

                     ·  1 x Alligator clips(Fence connection cable + grounding cable)    

                     ·  1 x Manual

                     ·  Without Battery

                   remarks:Fully charged battery can power the energizer for approx.3 weeks without sunlight

                   Waterproof On/Off switch

                  Address:No. 18-W117, Yinchun Road, Science and
                  Technology Research and Development Base,
                  Maigaoqiao Venture Park, Qixia District, Nanjing

                  Company Office Number:+86 15370458145


          Fence Energizer


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